Dear Self-Healing Materials Community, dear Colleagues,

We are proud to welcome you to the 7th International Conference on Self-Healing Materials (ICSHM2019) and to share with you the exciting new developments in our scientific area.

As well-know, in Japan, the material industry is flourishing and there are many heavy industry compony requiring the new materials, such as car maker. Additionally due to geography having large number of earthquake, the regulations of safety and integrity for infrastructures are quite high. Thus, the Japanese industry has high interest in self-healing materials. Moreover, the industry in surrounding countries, such as China, have a high sensitivity to the information on advanced materials. As the researchers from the company having self-healing materials products will be invited as plenary lecturer, many audiences from industry will be gathered to ICSHM2019. Moreover, polymer sciences in Japan is flourishing, so there are many researchers to investigate the polymer having specific covalent bond, which is useful to design the advanced self-healing materials. By using the advantages of Japan, the Japanese organizing committee members hope to be held magnificent ICSHM by gathering many new participants from Japan, China as well as all over the world.

Prospective conference venue is located at the center of Yokohama bay area and is quite convenient to access Haneda and Narita Airport by using direct limousine buses. Also there are enough large number of reasonable hotels near the conference venue.

Our host city Yokohama is a city 30 km south of Tokyo, one of the first ports in Japan for foreign trade in 1859. Since that time, Yokohama functions as the center of Japan's economy and industry. In the bay area including the venue, Modern Western architecture and contemporary skyscrapers are mixed. Our event facility - the Oosanbashi hall - The venue is located in the largest wharf in Yokohama Port, not only can you see the view of the port of Yokohama but also you can see where a large cruiser is anchored. Moreover, Yokohama bay area is quite convenient to access Haneda and Narita Airport by using direct limousine buses. (Those normally take 30 min and 90 min from Haneda and Narita airports, respectively.) Thus, this conference is first conference be held in Asia, but you can access easily from all over the world.

We hope you enjoy your stay at ICHSM 2019!

Prof. Wataru Nakao